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Sera's coming back :D

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Oct. 18th, 2008 | 02:15 pm

Seraphinus is back and I am totally happy that the little pyromaniac will be back in form. He will be back in the form of a dreaming (or open eyed, haven't fully decided until I see them) Fairyland Breakaway '08 - Blue Midnight version. I have sold Kiseki and he might be back (possibly with a different name) as the other head of the Breakaway. Recently when trying to photograph Kissi his thin nose had been bugging me and the Fairyland one looked slightly fatter.

Sera is going to be all punkish and wacky, if not a little bit pushy and perculiar.

Name: Seraphinus

Nickname: Sera

Model: FL Breakaway (Dreaming?) 08 ~Midnight Blue~

Modifications: none

Faceup: Default

Arrival Date: n/a

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species:  Demon

Eyes: Red

Hair: Pink/Red

Sexuality: Everything

Personality: Pyromaniac, cunning, snide, clever, witty, short fuse, short attention span, can be vicious, lonely, scruffy, pushy

Likes: Fire, teasing people, smoke, the smell of burning, bright lights, fireworks, Halloween, lighters, matches, lightning, electricity, stars, night time, bonfire night, candles, the circus, bugs, fireflies, things that glow, glow sticks, big boots, studs, chilli

Dislikes: rain, the damp, cold, snow, water, swimming, rules, smart dress, ice cream

Status: Single

Location: England

Background Story: to come

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