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Things Are Tough

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Oct. 6th, 2008 | 08:43 pm

But I am really seeing things logically. No dolls I don't need. No unnecessary travelling. This way I save as much money as I can for next year because FUCK is it going to be hard :(

Speaking of dolls. This is what it looks like:

-Jasper - CP NS Shine
-Merlyn - CP Limited NS Chiwoo Elf
-Flux - CP Limited NS Chiwoo Elf Vampire
-Pandora - CP KD Cherry Girl
-Morgan - CP NS El
-Juniper - CP BW Limited Shiwoo Elf
-Kiseki - CP Limited Breakaway '08
-Ruska - CP BW Lishe Boy
-Takumi - CP SDF RS Annette Boy (Floaty Head)
-Burn - Migidoll NS Miho
-Felicity - CP NS Soony


-CP Juri '06 Head ~ $200
-CP NS Shiwoo Head ~ $170
-CP Limited BW Elf NaNuRi07 Head ~ $150

-Patrick Grande - CP BW Moon
-Orb Grande - Elfdoll Lydia
-Kohaku - CP Lu-Wen
-Hibiki - FL MNF Ryeon

I've cut down my wishlist pretty much because I know it will be a long time if at all that I get anymore of the characters.

And yay! At the end of the month Pat is coming to Reading <3 *happy face* I bought him a plane ticket so he could come down for cheaper (booking early) and he will pay me back. I've been busy planning what we can do as Reading isn't the nicest of places XDDDD

Oh shit, I need to send Fel's head off for a faceup....I think that is the last of my spendage....

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